Seashell Scavenger Hunt Instructions

Welcome to Our 1St Annual Seashell “Scavenger” Hunt!

Don’t worry, don’t stress, don’t feel weak and frail, we assure you each seashell will be found without fail.


Happy Collecting!

Party by the Sea 

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Things to look for Surprises, Seashells

Below are the clues to find the seashells!

(For a chance to win a $100, or $50 gift Card to The Solid Bow, please take a screenshot of all 9 seashells and post it on the pinned post in our VIP.

If you are NOT a Member of our VIP group where we are holding the contest you can join here.

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I will pick two $100 winners and one $50 winner June 21st. 

Sea shell hunt

1st Clue: Blank is the color inside this two-ply, The top is like a pastel version of the bow in the sky. 

2nd Clue: For these outrageous pink and white loops you will post, about this beautiful bow you’ll find taller than most. 

3rd Clue:  While lobster as a meal may be served with a steak, this other crustacean can be made into a cake. 

4th Clue: Two of these creatures have a shape for a home,

While the third is named after the ride for cowboys that roam. 

5th Clue: This bow is in honor of those tropical trees, that stand near the beach with branches like flat leaves. 

6th Clue: This light in the sky that gives us a burn, now sits on a bow whose name you must learn.

7th Clue: Pretty are the birds that stand on one leg while they slumber, so this bow is covered with pink fowl great in number.

8th Clue: In a girl’s favorite color comes this feathered creature, stitched on a bow that we can’t help but feature.

9th Clue: Celebrate with us, seek out this ocean-themed collection, our goal is to hide it from your detection.


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