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    Hi sweet mommas! If you and your sweet little one adore hair bows as much as we do, we’re looking for YOU! Join our waitlist to be a REP model.

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  • Kind

    A place where moms feel welcome to ask questions and receive assitance.

  • Protective

    Fiercely loving and valuing
    every member of our hair bow family,
    without judgment or criticism.

  • SAFE

    Reassuring moms that from hair bows, to returns, to our active community, everyone will be treated with 100% kindness. .


    Pinterest-worthy bow styles that are sure to bring endless compliments and a smile to your daughter’s face. to bring kindness and joy through hair bows.


    Helping you celebrate every family milestone and all the moments in between.

    We have an AMAZING, KIND community on Facebook. 
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  • Layered Hair Bows

    Our printed ribbon selection is designed to bring joy and a touch of fun.

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  • Embroidered Hair Bows

    Embroidered with a special attention to detail.

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  • Glitter Bows

    The glitter does NOT flake.

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The Solid Bow