Egg Bow Hunt Instructions

Welcome to Our 6th Annual Egg “Bow” Hunt!

Don’t worry, don’t stress, don’t feel weak and frail, we assure you each egg will be found without fail.

Egg Hunt 2024

Happy Hunting!

 Colored Easter Eggs, and The Golden Egg.

Below are the clues to find the colored eggs!

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1st Clue: Your excitement will build, Desire to have it will be absolute, Once you see the fivefold array, Of crimson, seed-covered fruit.


2nd Clue: On a ribbon whose color, Rhymes with the word “sink”, Sit stitched colored stripes,
Curved just as you’d think.


3rd Clue: An oval-shaped image, Adorned with lines in a row, Is mostly obscured, With its own little bow.


4th Clue: For a season known by the shape,
Of a unique 4-leafed plant, This bow has a bow on it with this symbol, If asked to find one in nature, most can’t.


5th Clue: This delicate boutique bow, With color of light purple, not red, Has its perimeter surrounded by, A meandering white thread.

6th Clue: A rabbit whose name, Describes its fluffy back end, Carries a colorful food item, On which his life must depend.


7th Clue: This bow of bluish green tint, To have it for yourself you must pledge, Because of how amazing it looks, With the beautiful thread on the edge.

8th Clue: A two-tiered charming bow, With a mesmerizing pattern of plaid, Has a pleasant blue-green color, That makes every bow mom glad.


9th Clue: The sewn boundary will stand out,
On your little girl’s braid, On this bow of the color that’s named, After the place where coins are made.


10th Clue: The first name of this bow,
Comes from colorful art chalk,The second term is a concoction, Some say ice cream can mock,


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Golden Egg


There is one Golden Egg hidden somewhere on the site. When you find the Golden Egg you have completed the egg hunt!