Egg Bow Hunt Instructions

Welcome to Our 4th Annual Egg “Bow” Hunt!

Don’t worry, don’t stress, don’t feel weak and frail, we assure you each egg will be found without fail.

Egg Hunt 2022

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Happy Hunting!

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Things to look for Surprises, Colored Easter Eggs, and The Golden Egg.

Below are the clues to find the colored eggs!

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1st Clue: The treat inspiring this bow, Has a gritty sweet taste, The bow will shout “Buy me!”, With the big-eared figures traced.


2nd Clue: A two-tiered charming bow, With oval-shaped contents, Which reflect the new life, This holiday represents.


3rd Clue: Covered with stripes of the season, A lavender middle raised up, This bow’s name is inspired, By the sun coming up.


4th Clue: This bow of bluish green tint, Will remain in your thoughts, Because of its generous use, Of many white spots.


5th Clue: The season we’re in, Produces the color of grass, And this bow of that color, Has white circles en masse.

6th Clue: On a ribbon whose color, Rhymes with the word “sink”, Sit stitched colored stripes, Curved just as you’d think.


7th Clue: For a season known, By emerging life signs, There’s a bow whose name, Also refers to parallel lines.


8th Clue: A rabbit whose name, Shows that it’s smaller, Is found on this bow, In a classic girl color.


9th Clue: The cutest little fowls, That fill your every thought, Adorn this bow with, Its distinctive yellow knot.


10th Clue: This sparkly bow, Of water-hued color, Will tempt you to spend, Your very last dollar.


There are FOUR hidden surprises throughout the site. You can put these in your cart to receive Free Surprise bows with your purchase. LIMIT 4 Surprises Total. 

You can add one each of every color surprise you find to your cart. You must purchase at least one item from the Spring Egg Hunt Collection in order to be eligible for the free surprises. If you check out with only free surprises in your cart we will have to refund. 


Golden Egg


There is one Golden Egg hidden somewhere on the site. When you find the Golden Egg you can give us your email address be given a Very Special Code.