Fall Scavenger Hunt Instructions

Welcome to Our 1St Annual Fall “Scavenger” Hunt!

Don’t worry, don’t stress, don’t feel weak and frail, we assure you each Pumpkin will be found without fail.


Happy Collecting!

Fall Festival Fun 

Things to look for Surprises, Pumpkins

Below are the clues to find the pumpkins!

(For a chance to win a $100, or $50 gift Card to The Solid Bow, please take a screenshot of all 9 pumpkins and post it on the pinned post in our VIP.

If you are NOT a Member of our VIP group where we are holding the contest you can join here. https://www.facebook.com/groups/juliasbowtique/

Post your screenshots here!


I will pick two $100 winners and one $50 winner September 12th. 

Fall Festival Bow Scavenger Hunt

1st Clue: At the end of most hayrides, there will be found, big orange gourds that are bumpy and round.

2nd Clue: On this bow, that we’ve tried hard to hide, is the very strong animal, that most cowboys ride.

3rd Clue: If we did our job right you’ll plead and you’ll beg, for the location of this bow with the bird that lays an egg.

4th Clue: It’s usually made into a pie so you think we’re just bluffin’, when we say they made from it a dessert that looks like a muffin.

5th Clue: On this one you’ll find not one pumpkin but two, we admit that the sign on the post is a clue.

6th Clue: With the fowl on this bow you could make some fine jerky, but not us that Thanksgiving when our oven no workie.

7th Clue: It’s not often you’ll find a bow on a bow, adorning the top of this vine-grown produce you know.

8th Clue: They fall from the trees, things that were green when new, they share space on this bow with a bright shade of blue.

9th Clue: On this colorful bow you’ll find black, white and green, but two other colored lines from its name can be seen. 



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