Egg Bow Hunt Instructions.

Welcome to Our 1St Annual Egg “Bow” Hunt!

Don’t worry, don’t stress, don’t feel weak and frail, we assure you each egg is found with a bow that’s on sale.

Happy Hunting!

(Extra Treat ) Code: Spring50 can be used to receive 50% off Solid Color Bows or 24 Bow Sets. - not valid on specialty bows. 

Things to look for Surprises, Polka Dot Eggs, and The Golden Egg.

Below are the clues to find the polka dotted eggs!

(For a chance to win a $100 gift Card to The Solid Bow, please take a screenshot of all 10 eggs and post it on the pinned post in our VIP 👇🏼 ) If you are NOT a Member of our VIP group where we are holding the contest you can join here.

I will pick two winners Saturday April 20th. 

 1st Clue: This egg is found with the tiniest bows around.

2nd Clue: This egg is featured where you find a mythical creature.

3rd Clue: This egg is seen with the girls that will be queen.

4th Clue:  Your finding skills will toughen once you find the egg with the frosting- topped muffin.

5th Clue: Where this egg lies, not everyone knows, but look to a warmer pink pair of ponytail bows. 

6th Clue: The very next find is with a bow that can’t help but sparkle and shine.

7th Clue: To locate this egg don’t ask your spouse, just look for a most famous mouse.

8th Clue: To this egg you’ll find the way when you search for the berry which grows in the hay.

9th Clue: For this step an egg will be seated amongst bows with satin ribbon, gathered and pleated.

10th Clue: For this hint that goes out to all players, set your eyes on a bow with pale colors and layers.



There are hidden surprises throughout the site. You can put these in your cart to receive Free Surprise bows with your purchase. You must purchase at least one item that costs $ in order to be eligible for the free surprises. If you check out with only free surprises in your cart we will have to refund. 


Golden Egg

There is one Golden Egg hidden somewhere on the site. When you find the Golden Egg you will be given a Very Special Code. 



Sold Out