Egg Bow Hunt Instructions

Welcome to Our 3rd Annual Egg “Bow” Hunt!

Don’t worry, don’t stress, don’t feel weak and frail, we assure you each egg will be found without fail.

Magical Wishes Release


Happy Hunting!

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Things to look for Surprises, Colored Easter Eggs, and The Golden Egg.

Below are the clues to find the colored eggs!

(For a chance to win a $100, or $50 gift Card to The Solid Bow, please take a screenshot of all 10 eggs and post it on the pinned post in our VIP.

If you are NOT a Member of our VIP group where we are holding the contest you can join here.

Post your screenshots here!

I will pick two $100 winners and four $50 winners March 19th. 

1st Clue:  Everyone loves the silver bow of this kind, because nobody resists their shimmer and shine.


2nd Clue: Normally this high floating matter has the lightest of shades, but the bow with its name has blended colors that won’t fade.


3rd Clue: You won’t find this egg in the shade or the dark, but instead near a Pink bow with a colorful arc.


4th Clue: As you ponder and think about the next bow’s key feature, consider the one named for a light wind and mythic creature.


5th Clue: Roses are red and come by the dozen, but this dainty little flower has a name like Bo Duke’s cousin.


6th Clue: To this egg a TSB fan will come, a pink bow spotted with white.


7th Clue: The bow hiding this egg will be stacked in monochrome colors.


8th Clue: For a season showing new life signs, there’s a bow name that talks also of lines.


9th Clue: At this bow it’s hard not to stare, look for the egg next to a cocoa-rich hare.


10th  For every little girl's outfit you’ll match with perfection, as you call on the strengths of this colored collection.


There are FIVE hidden surprises throughout the site. You can put these in your cart to receive Free Surprise bows with your purchase. LIMIT 5 Surprises Total. 

You can add one each of every color surprise you find to your cart. You must purchase at least one item that costs $ in order to be eligible for the free surprises. If you check out with only free surprises in your cart we will have to refund. 


Golden Egg


There is one Golden Egg hidden somewhere on the site. When you find the Golden Egg you will be given a Very Special Code. 



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